Sotsialisticheskiy str. 116, Barnaul
Phone: +7 (3852) 624-200
Today: Monday, 27.05.2019.


The new life of Siberia Hotel began on 21 August 2003.

The building of the hotel was built in 1964. The total area of the four-story building amounted to 4.757,6 sqm. The hotel consisted of 152 rooms with 258 beds. 64 hotel employees take care of our guests. Until 2002 the hotel was adapted several times according to its needs and restored.

The new owners and initiators of the project "New Siberia Hotel" are Eugene Vdovin, Yury Bragin and Oleg Bavarin. The demand of the new owners was not only the restoration of the hotel but the total reconstruction and complete modernization of the hotel complex to meet international standard.

The face of the hotel was designed by the renowned designer Sergey Pergaev. Contractor is the association "Self ltd.", the technical execution was carried out by the company "KC Group" and "Security Formula" from Novosibirsk. The light design inside the hotel was planned by the Austrian company "Orion".

A fifth story was added to the building during the reconstruction phase 2002/2003, increasing the total area of the hotel up to approx. 6.500 sqm.

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